SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER is ideal for most diets since it contains no calories, no sugar, no carbohydrates, and no fat. It can be used to help in weight loss, diabetic, and no carbohydrate diets. Please check the nutritional information and list of ingredients.

How is SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER different from other artificial sweeteners?

All of the powdered sweeteners contain both calories and carbs. SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER, because it is a liquid, does not contain any calories or carbohydrates. NutraSweet® products, such as Equal®, can not be used in cooking. SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER can.
Because SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER is in a bulk package, it is much less expensive than packets of sweeteners.


  •  1/4 teaspoon of SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER is as sweet as two teaspoons of sugar. (A packet of Sweet‘N Low® or  Equal® is equivalent to 2 teaspoons of sugar).
  • Two tablespoons of SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER is as sweet as one cup of sugar. This information is on the upper, back of the bottle.

Can SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER be used in baking or cooking?
Yes, you can use SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER with oven baking and stove top cooking. We suggest that you do not add SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER to something that is boiling but add it afterwards. We also suggest that you add a little more SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER than normal when baking.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER can be purchased at many supermarkets. You will usually find it on the sugar shelf with he other sweeteners. Occasionally it is found on the diet shelf. Please follow this link to see if your favorite supermarket stocks SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER.

What does the US Government say about the ingredients in SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER?

On May 15, 2000 the following announcement was made in Washington, DC. Officials at the National Institute of  environmental Health Sciences, a US government agency, said that new studies show “no clear association” between  saccharin and human cancer. We suggest that if saccharin is a concern to you, that you consult your health care provider.

What makes SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER better than most other liquid sweeteners?

There are many different kinds of saccharin. SMOKY MOUNTAIN SWEETENER is made from the highest quality saccharin available. You can taste the difference.


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